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Holiday Plumbing Tips You Should Follow


Family members and friends love to come together and spend time with one another during the holiday season. It is the season where people exchange gifts, love and affection with one another at one particular place. However, the only drawback seen is if the gathering takes place inside a home. This is the time where the house becomes dirty and uncharacteristic due to the presence of people. Rooms become untidy and bathrooms face issues related to plumbing. And if not carefully treated, then getting the plumbing system resolved leads to spending extra. If you’ve got people coming over to your house for the holiday season, then these are a few tips for your plumbing system to work properly before and after.

  • Distinguish Between Trash and Garbage Disposal – The garbage disposal is meant to accumulate small particles. Make sure you aren’t throwing items such as bones, carrots, pasta, celery that is large in size. These items are meant to be thrown inside the trash can. So, distinguish carefully.
  • Avoid Pouring Grease into the Drains – Ensure you aren’t pouring any grease into the drains which can later lead to clog formation. This is an important tip to follow especially if you’re planning to cook a meal for the guests.
  • Use Mesh Screens – This is an important item that acts as a protection from the sink getting clogged. A mesh screen is a handy item that can be used not only on the kitchen sinks but also on the bathtub.

Along with these tips, consider hiring the best plumbers in Coffs Harbour area.