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House Removal – Packing Tips

Effective packaging tips before you move, with or without a moving company. You can visit this website to have some more useful tips on moving or shifting the house.

Rent or buy boxes or chests

You'll need to rent (or buy) boxes or crates to pack your things (unless your moving company provides the necessary boxes).

Plan and organize

You have to choose a free space in your house to store your things so you can move them around and start packing. This could be your dining room or garage, etc.

You can pack with less important items a few weeks before the dump date. This will save you from a sudden heavy load on the day of transfer. As the deletion date approaches, you can start packing the more important stuff.

Remember: Don't collect official documents and other important documents with your common household items. Try to pack them separately and always take them with you for safety reasons.


When packing delicate items, try to use a protective material such as bubbles and make sure to use enough material to cover the entire item. The more items you pack in the box, the better, as they offer better resistance to physical shocks.

For cups, bowls, etc. Try to fill it with packing material and don't forget to protect the handle too.