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How to Choose Socks for men

Most men have low awareness in their socks, although this little detail can make or break some looks. The socks come in different lengths, weights, patterns, and colors.

The following are options to consider when choosing the right socks to suit the occasion. The first option is the length; could be ankle, below the ankle, over the calf, or crew (stops 1 / 4-1 / 2 above the calf). Weight comes next; it could be thicker or thinner. You can navigate various online sources if you want to know more about Best Monthly Socks Subscription Club in the USA & Canada.

The next option is the pattern; It can be simple, windowpane, and rhombuses. Last but not least is color; It could be white, black, green, navy, brown, khaki, or whatever color you can think of.

In some sports situations, socks are necessary. If you go to gyms, run or do sports, sports socks are suitable. These socks come in white or gray, occasionally striped, and range from below the ankle to above the calf. These socks should not be worn if someone is not wearing an athletic configuration.

Argyle and other models

Argyle socks are nice to wear when wearing jeans and pants or occasionally with suits, but cannot be worn with a tailcoat or tux. Select a diamond pattern in the same color as the pants. A similar rule relates to some other patterns that are multi-colored. Single-color models like window glass can be worn with other matching pants.

White socks apply to sports only. When going to the gym, it is good to wear white socks. They are also good and certain steps must look more attractive than some black socks. If you want to wear dress shoes, sports socks are not recommended, regardless of color. Sports socks are sometimes bulkier because they are made from heavier cotton or some other material, so they tend to bunch up outside of dress shoes.