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How to Prevent a Hand Woven Cotton Shawl From Shedding

When doing laundry, avoid using harsh chemicals especially those containing acid because this damage and weaken the fiber. When removing the stain, as much as possible do not use bleach in treating stain since this can fade the color and shed fiber as well. You can buy best stainable Fashion Scarves, Ethical Gifts Online from For Dignity

Avoid application of heat

Cotton fiber, when exposed to an extended period in an excessively high temperature from 150 Celsius and beyond, will burn easily. This is due to the decomposition of fibers, which is the normal thermal reaction of cotton in response to the presence of heat. Sometimes, prolonged heat exposure can lead to shrinkage of the material.

Prevent infiltration of bacteria

Microorganisms are one of the leading causes of damaged cotton. The infiltration of bacteria results to the deterioration of the fiber. Always keep the shawl dry and clean to keep it germ-free. Do not allow the stain to settle on the fabric because this encourages bacteria to accumulate. Use only gentle, but anti-bacterial soap when washing cotton shawl to effectively remove and kill germs.

Limit "wear and tear"

Because the cotton has relatively low elasticity, the improper force on a cotton scarf can make it peel off. Therefore, avoid twisting the towels too much when washing cotton scarves. Let the remaining water drip down while hanging to avoid loosening the fibers.