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Some of the Risks Involved with Cancer and Asbestos


Asbestos as a material appears bundle-like form of the mixture during its natural form or state. One of the most common places asbestos is found is rocks and soils. This is because rocks and soils contain important elements such as silicon and oxygen leading to the formation of asbestos. A few types of asbestos include amphibole and chrysotile.

  • Amphibole – This type of asbestos is known to appear like a needle in a straight line.
  • Chrysotile – This type of asbestos is known to appear in a spiral or wrapped shape while observing under the microscope. Moreover, this asbestos is also known as serpentine, curly asbestos and white asbestos.

When it comes to the risks between cancer and asbestos, these are some of the problems faced by many people.

  • While Swallowing – After the nose, one of the easiest forms of entry for an asbestos material is via the mouth. And by mouth, it means asbestos being present on the surface of the food and liquid which later makes it contaminated.
  • While Inhaling – When it comes to inhaling, this is the easiest way for asbestos material to enter our body. Asbestos is a delicate material that gets easily crumbled upon touching. After the material gets crumbles, this material gets mixed with the atmosphere making it impossible to see with our naked eyes.

It is hard to detect the presence of asbestos during the early stage in an individual. The symptoms start to show only after a few years down the line. Some of the symptoms include; chest pains, breathing pains etc. If you reside in the region of Newcastle, asbestos removal can be done by professionals.