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All About Dog Training

Teaching your dog acceptable behavior patterns and tricks is not difficult using techniques proven by dog training experts. Dogs are intelligent and loyal, but it takes time for them to learn your 'language' and the meaning of your words.

With patience and persistence, you can easily teach him the behavior you want and develop a close relationship with your dog. Pooper scooper can be while giving potty training your dog. You can easily get the big dog pooper scooper online via

The most important aspect of dog training is consistency. To have a well-behaved dog, everyone who looks after him or is in close contact with him needs to know the correct commands. Always use the same word for the action you want.

If you teach him to lie down with the word "down," don't expect him to get off the couch with the command "down." Using "shut up" one day and "wait" the next day will only add to the frustration and confusion of your dog.

Dogs are intelligent enough to learn hundreds of commands, but one-word commands are easier to learn and understand than dogs. The same goes for executing sentences. A missed penalty is counterproductive to good behavior.

Let your dog know that you are happy with them by showing them happiness and love. Stroking and playing tells him that he is a good dog.