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Child Custody Mediation – Steps To Be Prepared To Meet The Mediator

Child custody mediation will no doubt arise during your divorce and custody disputes. Mediation is almost the norm in the 21st century, so there is no way out. So you need to be prepared to meet with the mediator to make the whole process run more smoothly.

This article explains how the mediation process gained custody of a child.

Find out what mediation is

As soon as you meet a custody mediator, immediately learn what custody mediation is. However, the mediator was there to make your life less complicated. They are there to decide what's best for the child. You can also know more about child mediation via

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Mediators make it less stressful

Since this is a mediator, there is no need to argue with your partner about custody. Both present the case, and the mediator reports the results to the judge. From there, the judge makes his decision on the findings of the mediator.

You can even make things easier for yourself and the mediator if you meet with the mediator alone. Remember, this is a non-confrontational encounter.

Mediators are not against you. He only wants the best for your child. So all right. Be friendly. And most importantly, you help the custody mediator feel welcome in your home.

Mediation is not intended to hurt anyone or cause difficult feelings or difficulties. It was created by a judge to help your child with the custody battle. The mediator must be seen as a friend, not an enemy.