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All About Pet Grooming Essentials

As your personal hygiene is essential, keeping your pet clean is also crucial. Dog grooming is what all you need to ensure the health and hygiene of your lovely pet. Done regularly, pet grooming keeps the coat of your lovely pooch healthy and also helps his socialization. Also, this provides an opportunity to keep your four-legged friend free from fleas and ticks. With grooming, you are also able to detect any health problems in your pet.

Grooming includes a number of steps like brushing, bathing your pet, paw care, ear, and eye cleaning, etc.

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Brushing the coat of your dogs helps in detangling the hair while avoiding mats. You should find a high-quality brush designed for pets. It must be all-purpose tool that can remove mats, tangles and debris.

For removing knots in longhaired breeds, you should get a pin brush. It has widely shaped tines that seem like straight pins and help in removing tangles. For shorthaired breed, get a bristle brush to shine the coat. Extra long coats are better managed with the help of metal brush. If you need any help, you must contact professionals for dog grooming.


After a thorough brushing session, you will want to wash your pet tidy. You can take a pause of two to three weeks between baths. For the bath, fill the tub with warm water and use a pet shampoo good quality to clean up your pet.

Normal soaps can irritate the skin so you should consult with a good pet care professional to find the best shampoo. Use specially formulated dog soap to foam coat. Finally, you can pet blow dry using a blower or a towel.