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Why would anyone hire a doula?

A doula is a trained professional who helps a mother-to-be before, during and immediately after birth. Bring doula can be a valuable tool to get the kind of positive birth experience women want. There are many reasons to hire a doula. You can also find more information about doula via

Shorter labor with fewer complications – Research has shown that using a doula makes this possible. Training and experience to bring to birth doula are invaluable. Training on comfort measures and emotional support allow for relaxed and natural childbirth.

Healthy babies – Because there are few if any intervention in the doula assisted birth, newborns are healthier and more aware of the time of birth. They were born to women who eat healthily and be ready both physically and emotionally to their birth.

Newborns breastfeed more easily – Doula also trained in breastfeeding and helps mothers to feed their children soon after birth. 

Positive birth experience – A doula is medically proven to make a real difference in the birth process by reducing unnecessary medical interventions, Cesarean delivery, and increases maternal satisfaction in the total birth experience.

Professional postpartum follow-up – Hiring a doula gives new mothers access to an expert who brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Available to answer questions about breastfeeding, a newborn baby's growth.

Hiring a trained professional doula can be one more step taken towards having a positive birth experience.