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African Print Fabrics – Beautiful and Unique Designs

For a long time, the conventional dress of individuals in Africa has been pieces of clothing made of splendidly hued and perfectly structured cotton print texture. 

100% cotton 

Cotton is a phenomenal texture. Sturdy; actually goes on for a considerable length of time even with day by day use. Cotton is so fit a tropical atmosphere It can be cool in sweltering climate and warm in a cooler climate. This is why the best quality African prints are made exclusively of cotton. You can find the amazing African print fabrics stylish designer clothes at

Exciting features of the African print Ankara fabrics

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Customary Print techniques 

Old material producers utilized regular colors produced using the uncommon mineral peats and soils borrowed from profound inside the ground. Gigantic tanks of profound pepper reds, splendid indigo, and incredibly lively saffron are the repositories for wraps of white cotton. Utilizing stones or shells integrated with the material.

Hand-cut wooden squares of complicated structures that mirror the common habitat; fish, flying creatures, trees, flowers are utilized to give an impression onto the cotton. Frequently an effective print configuration is imprinted in three or even four altogether different shading mixes; 

– dark, white and hot pink 

– blue, yellow and orange 

– dark, dim and red/earthy colored 

Yet when the innovativeness of African fashioners understands another plan their shading mixes work much better than anybody would ever have envisioned.