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Film And Television Producers Insurance

Entertainment is one of the highest-grossing businesses in India today. Everyone in this field has attained strength both in popularity and monetarily. 

However, with such great exposure also it comes a greater chance of risk, especially financial. This is why the insurance policy package film and television producers are so important for this sector. To know more information about film insurance you can visit .

film insurance

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It is must-have coverage for people working in the production of films and television series. As its name says, it is a coverage that manages risks related to films, tapes, equipment, accessories, games, etc.

Which covers all Film and Television Producers' insurance packages?

The package film producers and television coverage insurance policy offers for different situations and cases. These can be divided in sections.

Extended Cast Pre-Production Insurance: If any member of the cast is not able to participate in the filming during the pre-production, this insurance covers the expenses incurred to employ these people. Death, disease and / or abduction of the person designated falls under the risks associated with this type of insurance

Insurance issued: If the insured is unable to begin, or complete their respective functions or performance, costs associated with these risks are covered by this section. Death, seizure, injury or disease insured is also included here.

Negative film and videotape: The loss or damage to property owned or production. This property refers to unexposed film, exposed film, matrices, action film, videotapes, copies, and prints cutting work Objects, development.