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The Importance Of Food Education For Kids

Everybody knows that breakfast time is crucial for growing children, but I was really fighting to get my kid to eat breakfast in the morning.

Not surprisingly, research from Kellogg’s has shown 40% of Australian parents are also struggling when it comes to getting their kids eating in the morning. After listening to this particular statistic, I was on a mission to fight this issue not only in my home but across the country for other dads. They provide the best food education resources for your students in schools program, from Paddock to Plate.

Food Education For Kids

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I made a decision to team up with Kellogg's to make kid-proof skillet creations which were simple enough for fathers to create in the evenings and get their children excited about eating breakfast.

The very best aspect of my recipe inventions is the enjoyable nature of those recipes signifies my women really want to become involved with the cooking and preparation procedure in the morning. This will not only help speed up the duration of breakfast but moreover, it means that they are eager to eat their leftovers because they have personally helped to make it.

It is a very simple mix of berries, honey, and yogurt, with a coating of Rice Bubbles in addition to adding that extra bit of pinch. This recipe has quickly turned into one of my kids and my morning favorites because it is not only fun to make, but also enjoyable to eat. This breakfast combines banana, honey, corn flakes, and yogurt to create a sweet and crisp morning flavor.