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How To Choose The Right Style For Your Letterhead Paper

The type of paper used to print the letterheads is an important consideration for business owners. 

While this decision should not be taken lightly and should be made with much less time than the design, it is an important one to make. We will be discussing some of the important things to select headed paper.

  • The paper's color – Most companies keep the blank space white, as that is the main purpose of letterheads. This will make it possible to print black ink clearly. This is not the right choice for all businesses.

    However, the colored paper may be more appealing to certain less formal businesses. The header design can also influence the choice of color for the rest. If you opt against white, ensure that the ink is clearly visible.

  • The quality of paper – This decision will affect the company's image. While a normal quality paper may be sufficient for most industries such as law or accounting, finer bond papers are available for more specialized fields.

    Higher quality paper will cost more. Other industries may also have to be considered. For example, a recycling company that is environmentally friendly might increase its credibility and image by using recycled paper.

  • Size of the paper – Finally, the size of the paper should be taken into consideration. Most organizations, but not all, can use A4 paper.