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The Three Phases To Post Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is very useful for contractors, builders, and property owners. They are usually outsourced after the completion of extensive construction works such as new housing construction, remodeling, plasterboard conversion, commercial demolition, and many more. While these services range from light to full service, they all include three special levels of refining. 

Read on to learn more about cleaning commercial construction sites given via and where to find a reliable drywall installation service you can trust. There are three main stages or phases of site cleaning. 

What Are the Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning

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The Initial Stage:

After completing the property framework, a preliminary cleaning service is required on site. Once plumbers and electricians have finished their new part of the building, the initial cleaning can begin. In this step, the sticker is peeled off the window and removed from all major appliances, dirt, and grime is cleaned and removed.

The Second Stage:

In this phase, the cleaning staff will allow for a more detailed and targeted level of cleaning. This involves a very careful and thorough cleaning of areas includes showers, toilets, washbasins, cupboards, kitchen counters, shelves, and many more. Every square inch is covered, from door frames to window sills. Inhabited dust, dirt, and debris are cleaned and all areas are thoroughly cleaned. This step should almost always be completed prior to the contractor's final inspection of the property.

The Final Cleaning Stage:

In the final phase of construction site cleaning, employees will go through a "target list" after all construction work is completed. It includes all the cleaning details to make it the ideal property for gazing or opening ceremonies. The stamp list includes buffing, sealing, power flushing, and "white-gloved" checks. This is the final and final step before the property is fully completed.