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Factors to determine your choice between white wall background & paint

There are numerous methods to improve your property. Changing the appearance of your walls is one of the modifications you may make with a white wall background. This will undoubtedly make an impression, and it has the potential to set the tone and theme of your interiors.

white wall background

However, one of the most common questions is whether to use wallpaper or paint. The effects of these two items on your home are very different. It is the reason why it is quite tough to decide between the two!

How would you know which option is best for you if you had to make a decision right now? Let’s take a look at them one by one.


The most common approach to add colour to your walls has been through paint.

There are many various types of paint on the market, each with its own set of benefits and effects. Latex paints, for example, come in three finishes: glossy, stained, and flat. This type of paint is simple to use, non-flammable, and easy to keep clean. Oil-based is another example. They’re noted for being stain-resistant, and they don’t require priming before use.

When deciding on the type of paint to choose, consider how much effort you want to put into keeping your walls clean. This will be determined by how you intend to use the space and the activities you plan to undertake.

Knowing what kinds of activities take place in a certain room will help you decide what kind of finish to choose. The more severe the activities, the more likely the paint on the wall will wear away. As a result, a specific style of finish is required to match the rigidity of the activities in that room.

The only drawback of paint is that it is costly. And only to apply it needs a great deal of effort. Of course, if you’re repairing or redesigning your walls, you’ll need to apply new paint, and there’s a chance you’ll get it all over the place. As a result, it requires calm hands to apply them. Aside from that, you’ll need to mix paint before you can get the desired effect.

It may also take some time for the paint to dry before the house is ready. As a result, you must make an effort to safeguard the wall until it is completely dry. If everyone in the family is present under regular living conditions, you may need to restrict access to the room until the paint is completely dry.


Wallpaper application is probably the finest alternative if you want a speedier manner to decorate your walls. You can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns with this cloth. And there’s no need to put up any effort when it comes to colour mixing and matching.

The best part about them is how simple they are to use. There’s no need to mix paints or use primers; all you need is a clean wall to get started. There’s no need to be concerned about leakage as you apply them. You can easily change the look of your walls.

Wallpaper has the drawback of being difficult to apply to uneven walls. To make them look consolidated rather than patched, you’ll need to be really creative. Aside from that, replacing them is a difficult task. If your favourite wallpaper shreds, you may need to replace it with a new design (because your previous wallpaper pattern may no longer be available). Choose from the wide range of White wall Wallpapers Collection at Wallpaper Department of the BurkeDécor. Click here to know more

Humidity can also cause your wall background to be out of order. It can easily make your walls fall apart and prone to condensation and moisture. As a result, you need to use them on the properly insulated walls for keeping them longer lasting.