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The Most Popular Procedures for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can take years off your face or make you look gorgeous even after a couple of pregnancies. It's no longer a privilege for celebrities only. The most popular plastic operating procedures formed before include:


Rhinoplasty, better known as nose work, becomes increasingly popular. Plastic surgeons can do extraordinary work with the nose today, give you any nose you want. You may look like you lost a fight with bruising and swelling for a few days, but after a few weeks; you will have the nose and face you have always desired. You can check out the more about eye plastic surgery via

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Face lift

If you feel the effect of age and note that your skin is sag out and show wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, you might benefit from a facelift. During the face lift, a plastic surgeon will pull your skin up towards your scalp, tighten and smooth it. It gives the appearance of younger and refined skin. There may be a little bruising, swollen, and even numb on your face, but you must be able to return to work after two weeks.

Botox injection

Botox injection is a new procedure. They are fast and easy. Plastic surgeons only make small injections to the area on the face like the forehead where Botox cripples the moving muscles. The results are fewer fine lines and wrinkles and new appearances from finer skin. Unlike many plastic surgery procedures, the effect is not permanent and must be repeated every three to four months.