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What Are Modular Buildings?

Do you need a new building? Maybe you want to change it in the future? If so, why not install a new modular building?

Prefabricated office buildings are not composed of bricks and cement. It consists of much larger units – steel frame "modules". These prefabricated parts blocks can be assembled to meet all the design specifications requested by the customer.

Regarded as a temporary structure, a significant increase in design means that permanent status can now be recognized.

This architecture can accommodate a large number of people and fulfill many special requirements, which is why this architecture is widely used by universities, schools, local authorities, companies of all sizes, healthcare providers and hospitals.

Modular building parts are produced under controlled factory conditions. This has the advantage that the structure is not affected by bad weather conditions.

The factory module is equipped with electricity, plumbing, heating, and all interior equipment. They are then transported on the road, ready for site cranes and quickly installed.

The modular building assembly process is as follows:

1. The module is lowered to the correct position by the crane

2. Then they are bound together end to end

3. The interior can be designed according to customer requirements with exact specifications about walls, stairs and elevators

4. Additional floors can be added to the structure

Why should companies think about using modular buildings rather than traditional building methods?

This is a constructive choice method for companies because it provides extraordinary benefits that cannot be offered by other methods.