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What Do You Mean by Executive Coaching

Executive coaching becomes more and more widespread with a growing number of companies from companies interested in undertaking a series of business coaching sessions. Many people always have a misunderstanding of what this type of coaching is all about. Many people think that executive coaching is carried out in the same way as the training courses of executives or executive development would be executed. You can check out the best business coaching training via

They have an image of a coach standing in front of a piece of twenty by thirty people offering executive education, responsible for people of improvement they can bring in their management and communication skills. It could not be further from the truth. 

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A series of executive coaching is performed by a specially formed coach with a single customer at a time. The coaching series can be composed of between eight and twelve sessions, each at least one hour, but no more than an hour and a half. Longer than that and the customer will start losing concentration.

Although executive coaching can have results similar to the education of leaders in the sense that the customer certainly will have a great learning experience that will transfer them to their career, it is in no way the same objective. Executive coaching aims to support the customer in achieving a set of three to nine difficult and inspiring goals that will transfer them to their executive career to the extent that they choose.