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Nature’s Bath Salt Therapy

Millions of people from around the world enjoy the unique healing qualities of Dead Sea salt baths. It has been said to promote optimal blood circulation, natural stress relief, improve digestion, and increase skin elasticity. But what is the real story? How did a mineral salt that seems to be nothing more than ordinary table salt ends up in the hands of people around the world who trust its healing abilities?

There are many forms and sources of Dead Sea salts. The salts have been used for centuries as bath products. Today, they can be found in mineral waters, health spas, as well as being used as kitchenware. All 16 ounces of Dead Sea salts available on the market are packed and labeled in a 1 pound sealed jar. Also great for a foot soak!

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how or why Dead Sea salt baths have gained popularity over traditional salt-based products. There has been a significant amount of media attention given to this topic recently. As more people seek out alternative ways to treat their bodies, they are also seeking out alternative methods to determine if these products are actually worth all of the hype. With this in mind, there are a few theories floating around. Here are some of the more popular ones:

One theory is that people are turning to dead sea salt because they are high in magnesium, which is known to help with high levels of fatigue and stress. High levels of magnesium are common after physical exertion or injuries. High levels of potassium are also associated with a number of positive health benefits including reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. So it seems like people are looking for a way to reduce their level of stress, which in turn will help them achieve and maintain optimal health. Also, if someone is willing to spend a few bucks on a product that comes from a mineral, then there is no reason to question their choice.

Another popular reason for using bath salt is a purported link between salt and arthritis pain relief. One of the most widely-known pain relievers, ibuprofen, is derived from the compound called ibuprofen which is found in dead sea salt. So perhaps the pain associated with arthritic joints is somehow attributable to the high levels of magnesium and potassium in these bath products? Perhaps people are willing to spend a few bucks on an eczema cream or body lotion that comes in a fancy box but aren't interested in buying prescription creams that may actually do more harm than good.

A third popular use of therapeutic bath salt involves the use of essential oils in combination with salt. The essential oils are generally considered very safe when used in concentrations, but there is always the potential for negative interactions between essential oils and different substances. A common example would be the relatively recent phenomenon of mixing bath salt and lavender oil. Some people suffered serious side effects; others were not bothered by the effects at all. However, many therapists consider this to be very risky experimentation since the two substances have very strong properties and should never be combined.

Lavender and rosemary oils have long been popular in aromatherapy treatments as well, and some therapists consider them very safe when used in isolation. Many luxurious bath salts manufacturers take advantage of this fact and include both extracts in luxurious bath salt recipes. Essential oils play a key role in aromatherapy, many of them have a calming effect on the body and help relieve stress and tension, which is often a factor in arthritis and other ailments. If you combine bath salts with essential oils, you may get the results you are looking for without having to worry about irritating your skin.

As you can see, it is up to you to make your decisions about luxury bath salt, aromatherapy, or nature et progrure. There are some things you should know before investing in these products. While most salts do not cause serious side effects, it is important to read the label of ingredients before purchasing. As always, do a little research before buying any kind of product, especially those that have not been tried by real consumers. This is especially true for the natural world or organic products.