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Taking Action With Your Troubled Teen

If you believe your teen is having a problem and attempts to help him at home have failed, there are many treatment options. Whether your child is provocative and/or criminal or abuses drugs and alcohol, there are forms of drug behavior and addiction that you can investigate.

Before deciding on any form of treatment, it is important to identify specific problems. Some treatment options are better suited for behavioral problems, while others are better suited for dealing with addiction problems. It's important to know that there are alternatives for every situation. You can also get help for troubled teens via

Mental health therapy is a form of outpatient treatment. Depending on the level of the problem, your teen may see a therapist as often as needed. Many therapists recommend weekly appointments, although the number of therapy sessions required can vary.

Counselors, or psychologists, are counselor therapists who work in a solution-oriented setting to help adolescents deal with teen stress. Activities involved in therapy usually include magazine management, art therapy, goal setting, and parent-related sessions.

In addition to therapies to help your teen with teenage problems, desert and boot programs have been developed to help teens break out of their normal elements of coping with teenage problems and stress.

Young people with more serious problems, e.g. law enforcement, or youth with health problems may not qualify for the wilderness program. However, this form of treatment helps mostly teens with mild depression, peer pressure problems, or unsuccessful school grades.

Combining therapy and an outdoor, adventurous lifestyle, the desert camp is a great way to help your child deal with the problems and stresses of youth.

Private training camps across the country are committed to being able to thoroughly clean up teenagers who break the law or struggle with behavior at home or school. These programs are usually located in or operated by state correctional facilities.